As a totally independent consultancy practise, Glencairn Communications Ltd provide their clients with cost effective information technology solutions that match their real business needs, enhance their competitiveness and provide them with an excellent return on their investment.

Glencairn Communications Ltd have no vested interest in any particular brands of hardware or software.  We are committed to planning and developing many types of business solutions, overseeing their install and providing the training and ongoing support that ensures their continuing successful operation.  Glencairn Communication Ltd are committed to achieving a close working relationship with all of our clients, and with several premior vendors, whose products we recommend and services used on our clients behalf. 

Without exception, Glencairn Communication Ltd manage our clients' projects with no preconceptions about the solution that we will recommend and implement. We start the process by undertaking a thorough review of the clients existing environment, and before considering possible approaches, we will review this study in details with the clients team.  This process ensures that the solution will fully meet the customers' true operational needs and that there will be mutual agreement on the criteria which will define success. Only then is consideration taken to what will give an optimal result in terms of system development, hardware, configuration, software and interfaces

Again, at the development stage, Glencairn Communications work together to achieve mutual agreement, this time, on the form and time-scale in which the project will be completed.  Then Glencairn Communication can proceed rapidly and with shared confidence to set up the necessary implemenation operations, training and lifetime support.

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